Website Development

Just like assembling a favorite recipe, website development blends different media, messages and designs together. The result is a wonderfully unique and powerful website served up to tell your story and sell your product.

Email Marketing

Hungry for a 5-star email campaign? We'll assemble all the ingredients and serve it directly to your email list. Communicate with ease using Email Press.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Searching for the perfect audience? Create your keywords and we'll optimize your site to suit your taste.

Online Marketing

We test our approach to your online campaign and share the results with you - step by step.

LAL Computers has really opened doors for us. Lee Ann knows how to ask the right questions. She has plugged us in to the fast paced on line network. Our easy access website has offered us opportunities to reach many potential clients to whom we would not normally have access, with just a few clicks on the computer. Thanks to LAL we are reaching clients world wide. Due to their expertise we have new clients each week, and a lot of new business. I would recommend Lee Ann and LAL Computers to anyone who is trying to start a business or to build their business. LAL is cutting edge in its field.